Splicing tools

These rope splicing tools are used throughout the book. There are also splicing sets available with tools and pieces of rope to practice.

Hot knife

Hot knife

Selma fids

Selma Fids

D-16 scissors for Dyneema by D-Splicer, rope splicing tools, ropework, rigging, eyesplice, dsplicer

Scissors for Dyneema

Pulling needles by D-Splicer, rope splicing tools, splicing, eyesplice, how to splice Dyneema ropes

D-Splicer needles

Sailing needles

Sailing needles

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D-Splicer knife

Splicing tape

Splicing tape

Set of pulling needles by D-Splicer

D-splicer needle set

Rope Fid

Rope fid

softfid, soft fid, soft needle, dsplicer, d-splicer, premiumropes, eyesplice, splicing, eyesplices, ropesplicing

Soft fid

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Splicing set

Whipping twine

Whipping twine

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